The Ministry of Mining is there to ensure sustainable development, management and utilisation of minerals and monitoring geo-hazards for the socio-economic development of Malawi.

The Ministry is made up of Corporate Services (Headquarters), Departments of Mines and Geological Surveys Department. The Ministry is led by the Honorable Minister John C. Bande (MP) and Principal Secretary is Dr. Leonard S.N Kalindekafe. 

Ministry of Mining | Private Bag 350 | Lilongwe 3 | Malawi | Tel:+2651789488 | Fax: +2651788689

Mining Sector is one of the priorities within priorities as espoused in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MDGS II) a blue print to attain the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The Mining Sector has also been included in the five priority economic sectors that have been earmarked to underpin Malawi’s economic growth and development in the Economic Recovery Plan (ERP). Mining has the potential to contribute towards wealth creation, foreign exchange generation and job creation thereby improving living standards and accelerating national economic growth and development. According to the MGDS II, mining sector is expected to contribute to economic diversification and development. In the MGDS II, mining is expected to contribute 20% of Gross Domestic Product by 2016.

The Mandate of the Ministry of Mining is to ensure the sustainable development, management and utilization of mineral resources for the socio-economic growth and development of Malawi. In this regard, the Ministry is responsible for oversight of promotion, implementation and monitoring of activities under the Mining sector (both exploration and mine development and the actual mining).

The Vision of the Ministry is to become a vibrant institution that promotes exploration, sustainable exploitation and management of mineral resources.

The Mission of the Ministry is to coordinate, facilitate and promote participation of all stakeholders in the sustainable development, utilization, and management of mineral resources for Malawi’s socio-economic growth and development.

The following are the proposed strategic objectives:

a)    To promote orderly and sustainable exploration, exploitation  and value addition of mineral resources;

b)   To improve the delivery of advisory services;

c)    To promote local participation and provide support in exploration, mining and value addition;

d)   To promote participation by artisanal and small scale miners.

e)    To monitor and document geo-hazards 

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