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Commissioner for Mines and Minerals

The post of Commissioner for Mines and Minerals was created by an Act of Parliament to administer the Mines and Minerals Act, which was enacted in 1981. The Act makes provision for the searching and mining of minerals. The Commissioner for Mines and Minerals works hand in hand with the Departments of Mines and Geological Survey.


Functions of the Commissioner for Mines and Minerals

The Commissioner for Mines and Minerals operates under the supervision of the Principal Secretary. Currently, the Commissioner is supported by staff from the Minerals Development and Planning Division of the Department of Mines. Amongst other duties, the Commissioner is responsible for:


·            Provision of technical advice and guidance in the administration of the Mines and Minerals Act and all policy matters pertaining to the mining industry;

·            Formulation and coordinating implementation of the Mines and Minerals Policies and strategies;

·            Periodical review of the Mines and Minerals Act and the Mines and Minerals Policy and Strategies to ensure consistency with the overall national development policy and other sectoral policies;

·            Recommending to the Minister for the issuance, cancellation, suspension and renewal of licences for mineral rights to mineral exploration and mining companies;

·            Issuance of non-exclusive prospecting licences, mining claims, mineral export permits and reserved minerals licences;

·            Inquiring and deciding on all disputes between parties involved in mineral prospecting and mining; and

·            Maintenance of a register of mineral rights holders and concession areas to ensure orderly exploration and mining operations in the country.

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