Vision & Mission

The vision of the Department of Mines is to become a vibrant institution that promotes exploration, sustainable exploitation and management of mineral and petroleum resources.

The Department’s mission is to coordinate, facilitate, and promote participation of all stakeholders in the sustainable development, utilization, and management of mineral and petroleum resources for socio-economic growth and development

Sections in Mines Department

Minerals and Analytical Laboratory

The Minerals and Analytical Laboratory Services Division has the core responsibility of conducting trial beneficiation and pilot test studies on Malawian mineral ores. The flow sheets from the pilot test studies are also an input into the Feasibility Study Reports conducted by the Mineral Development and Planning Division. This division also has an environmental laboratory for monitoring mining and environmental conditions.


Mining Inspectorate

This division deals mainly with Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental issues in mining to ensure a safe, accident free and environmentally friendly mining practices. The Inspectorate has the added responsibility of ensuring that mining operations comply with the requirement of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports, Audit Reports and Environmental Management Plans.

The Division also enforces the Explosives Act by issuing permits to import, store and use commercial explosives for all mining operations in Malawi.  This is done in corroboration with the Explosive Section of the Malawi Police Service. 

Minerals Development and Planning

This division is responsible for minerals administration as well as spearheading orderly development of mining to enhance growth of the sector. It fosters functional linkages with the Office of the Commissioner for Mines and Minerals, Geological Surveys Department and investors. The Division’s primary role is the processing of all licences granted for exploration and mining of minerals. This role will eventually move to the Office of the Commissioner for Mines and Minerals which is based at the Ministry Headquarters. 

Department of Mines

Department of Mines was established in 1983 to facilitate and regulate mineral development as well as spearhead mining development as a way of diversifying the economic base of the country. The Department is by functional terms still undergoing development.


The Department’s strategic objectives are:

·               Disseminate information and promote minerals in Malawi for investment and mining;

·               Provide technical support to Small-scale Miners (SSM) to exploit mineral deposits suitable for small scale operations;

·               Facilitate orderly, accident free, safe and sustainable mining operations 

·               Encourage development of small-scale mineral based industries;

·               Facilitate provision of financial support through macro and micro-finance institutions;

·               Facilitate development and provision of appropriate mining legislation for orderly mining and to improve the country’s investment competitiveness;

·               Conduct research in mineral processing and assist operators in ensuring uninterrupted mineral production

·               Provide value-adding services and promote marketing of resultant products.

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